Dr. Rajendra Sonavane
Certified training in LASER surgery, Germany & Poland

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Patient's Stories

So many people are silently suffering from these health problems and are shy to go to a doctor. I too went first to a gynaecologist but when she could not understand my problem, I found Dr Rajendra Sonavane. After the surgery, I am cured and back to normal.

Sonam Rai

Dr Rajendra is a very good, experienced, and knowledgeable doctor. He listens and gives the best advice and treatment. I was suffering from Piles with Severe Anemia (my Haemoglobin was only 6%). I underwent piles surgery. I recovered fully within 15 days only and resume my work. Many thanks to Dr Rajendra Sir and the entire nursing and administration staff who supported me a lot in my tough time. Also, I would like to say thanks to Snehal Madam who is a very good coordinator and helps patients with all necessary information. I highly recommend this hospital for piles, fissures, and fistula treatment.

Avanish Upadhyay

They say Doctors are Gods on earth and I felt this statement true when I met Dr Rajendra sir. I would like to thank him and his team. I have gone through laser surgery for my piles. It?s been more than a month and I am absolutely fine, not even having minor pain. Once again thankful to Dr Rajendra sir, Snehal mam, Jaideep, Sonal, Yojna mam & all other team members.


Dr Rajendra sir is very experienced and intelligent. My surgery was done in less than 30 mins. And I got relief within 2 weeks. Snehal ma'am is a very good coordinator n helps patients with all necessary information. The nursing and admin staff is also very cooperative. Definitely, I would recommend this hospital for piles, fissures, and fistula treatment. Overall, very nice experience.

Siddh S

Happy to share my experience with Proctocare Clinic. My father had excruciating pain for the last 4 years and finally decided to get operated on. Dr Rajendra Sonavane gave his valuable time in explaining the illness details during the first meeting and encouraged him to get operated on to avoid worsening the problem. The whole experience was good...staff was exceptionally supportive, good hygiene, a light environment, quick responses, billing support, etc. I will strongly recommend this hospital to people who are experiencing pain and to take forward action after consultation

Lalit Pachpande

Great experience Dr Rajendra Sonavane sir is a wonderful surgeon. The staff is very kind and helpful. They ensure smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I?m so glad to choose Proctocare clinic and will recommend everyone. Overall excellent experience Thank you

Uday Mulay

I found Dr Rajendra Sonavane miraculously on the Internet. I was suffering from a recurrent perianal abscess. Earlier my surgery was done in October 2021, in another hospital but after 2 months, my pain started again. It remained undiagnosed until January 2022. I don?t have words to express by God?s utmost blessings, I found Dr Rajendra Sonavane (at Sushrut Nursing Home). I went to Hospital in Kalyan for treatment under Dr Rajendra Sonavane, He explained the disease very calmly and performed a special advanced laser surgery in January 2022, which was less painless compared to earlier open surgery. From day one till discharge, Mrs Snehal madam guided me very well on how to take care, how to take medicine and how laser surgery will be done. All staff helped me a lot during my surgery. Ms. Suma madam helped me with the Mediclaim procedure and paperwork. The service in the Hospital is very good, neat and clean Hospital.

Namdev Sakpal

Dr Rajendra Sonavane is a very good, experienced, and knowledgeable person; gives the best advice and treatment. Staff is also very good, caring and soft spoken. They take good care of patients. I highly recommend this hospital for piles, fissure and fistula treatment.

Mrunali Badgujar

Great experience as a first timer. Dr Rajendra Sonavane is a wonderful surgeon, and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth prep, surgery, and follow-up. I am so glad I chose Proctocare Clinic and would highly recommend it to anyone. Special thanks to Snehal.

Anjali Sangam

Such a great Dr Rajendra Sonavane Sir as well as his staff are awesome, they listen and give the best advice. Dr Rajendra Sir really strives to give the best care possible to each of his patients. I did my piles surgery from him. From pre - operation to post ? operation, I was helped with proper medication and guidance I have recovered fully with in 20 to 25 days. Many thanks to Dr Rajendra Sir and specially Snehal Mam as she was good in explaining the procedure and her support throughout my treatment. Thanks once again to all nurses & staff......!!!!

Kavya Savatirkar

I was diagnosed with piles more than a year ago. After a lot of research and exploring different options (kshar sutra, haemorrhoidectomy, etc.), I met Dr Rajendra Sonavane for consultancy on laser piles treatment. Speaking with the doctor and understanding the procedure, I felt very confident about undergoing the surgery. I got treated on 20th Jan 2022 and now feel very well and have recovered well. The initial 1st week was tough, but as they say, good things take time. Thanks a lot, to Dr Rajendra and all the lovely staff at the hospital.

Chinmay Sawant

I had the best experience here, The Doctor and all staff members at Proctocare Clinic are very supportive... from diagnosis, operation, and post-discharge, they guide you well. Facilities are also good. Gives full support for your Mediclaim process. Soft-spoken staff... I highly recommend this clinic... Thank u.

Megha Patil

Giving my review after almost 6 weeks of operation. Was facing piles since a long time and after consulting the doctor, went for the operation. Operation went well and now I am feeling good. Thanks to Dr Rajendra Sonavane for this wonderful result. Stay at Sushrut Nursing Home was very comfortable and everything else was also taken care of by nurses, ward boys and other staff. Thanks to admin, the paperwork was smooth and precise and thus did not face any issues related to Mediclaim. Special thanks to Snehal mam for her continuous support during the entire process from start to end. Overall, I am happy with everything, and I will recommend everyone Proctocare Clinic for piles, fissures, fistula, etc. Thank you, Proctocare Clinic team.

Ravi Kumar

We came across Proctocare Clinic on Google. Dr Rajendra Sonavane has been one of the most comforting doctors I have interacted with. He treated my mom for Fissure with subcutaneous Fistula. During our first consultation itself, we were sure that we are in safe hands. He explained the diagnosis very well and suggested laser surgery. He cleared all our doubts with utmost patience and with no false hopes. The surgery was carried out at SRV Hospital, Goregaon. He along with his team ensured smooth prep throughout the process and even the follow-ups. He travelled all the way from Kalyan to Goregaon on a Sunday, which is a non-consulting day for him at SRV, to do a follow-up check-up post-surgery and signed the discharge papers. Similarly, he was travelling abroad after 2 weeks but ensured a final check-up on the day of his travel to check upon the healing. He is a responsible doctor, and I would highly recommend him. I am so glad that we chose him. A big thanks to him and his entire team.

Sujay Nair

I was suffering from fistula for over one and half years. I had got operated once but the surgery wasn?t successful. So, I searched for a good doctor and found Dr Rajendra Sonavane. His patients? reviews were good. I took his appointment at Currae Hospital, Thane. He explained the process of laser surgery very well. My surgery was successful, and I was very well healed in 15 days, and fully recovered in one month. I am very much thankful to Dr Rajendra Sonavane and his team who took care during the whole process. I would also like to recommend Dr Rajendra Sonvane to all who are suffering from fistula. Thank you ??

RamGanesh Pal

I had an awesome experience with Dr. Rajendra Sonavane in Proctocare Clinic. After my LASER operation (LIFT with FILAC) I was able to walk from the very next day WITHOUT PAIN. I feel blessed that I got Dr.Rajendra Sonavane as doctor for my treatment

Bhavesh More

Dr. Rajendra Sonavane is an excellent & experienced Proctologist, who does proper diagnosis first and then recommends the course of action. The post-surgery the follow-up is also good. I think it is the best hospital with advance technology and excellent caring staff in Kalyan & nearby areas for any ano rectal or stomach related problems. Thank u doctor & the entire staff... God bless u all

Roger C

I got treated during the COVID pandemic lockdown. The Hospital has taken good care of sanitization and other precautions to prevent any spread of infection

Govind Saraf

This is one of the best clinics for piles, fissure, fistula or any related medical condition that too with reasonable charges. Here, the staff and administration are very friendly and responsive.Rooms are neat and clean. Dr. Rajendra Sonavane is just excellent .Thank you for the service.

Aabhushan Somwanshi

Within 40 minutes of the LASER surgery for fissures, I was joking with my family members in the room. The surgery was painless and almost bloodless. Looking back, i wish i had done this long back.

Abhay Puranik

I had been operated for Fistula Surgery by Dr Rajendra Sonavane. He has skilfully done the Surgery, so that I could recover very fast with less pain involved.The plus point of Hospital is their staff. They are all well informed and happy to help patients throughout the treatment. Patient does not face any issue, right from the time of admission to discharge. Thanks to Snehal Ma'am for arranging operation at such short notice. The hospital administration helped in getting the claim reimbursed quickly. Thanks to Manisha Ma'am and Suma Ma'am

Bhupesh Patil

I am very pleased with my experience at Proctocare Clinic. Being my first ever surgery i was petrified but the staff there put me at ease. It was good to be treated with professionalism and care. When I say the doctor and all the other employees made me feel that I was in safe hands and even made me smile when I left, then you can believe they are the best. I feel truly blessed to be treated by Dr Rajendra Sonavane and a caring team. A BIG “Thank U” to all of them.

Naomi Timothy

My experience was awesome with Dr. Rajendra Sonavane. He is gem of a person and highly skilled doctor. The way he explains everything in details makes anyone believe in him and his treatment. He personally connects with his patients which automatically gains his / her confidence and make the person comfortable. Even during surgery in OT he made me so calm and comfortable by talking to me throughout the procedure. Post operation during follow ups he went an extra mile to make me understand about the status of my recovery. I was overwhelmed with the support he has provided me on whatsapp and calls round the clock. It’s very rare with such big profile doctors that they promptly reply on message about your queries. As he committed to me, I can actually depend on him In his words “Don’t worry, i am your backup” and he has truly lived up to it . Overall awesome experience.....!

Samrat Verma

Dr.Rajendra Sonavane is the best surgeon available in town for all kind of colorectal issues. I was suffering from fistula for the past 2 years. I underwent LASER surgery for fistula. It was totally painless and I did recover within 7-10 days and started my daily routine. The staff of the Proctocare Clinic is super friendly and polite. All thanks to Dr. Rajendra Sonavane and Team.

Umesh Sawant

Dr Rajendra Sonavane is a very experienced and knowledgeable Doctor. I would recommend him. LASER treatment is truly a painless procedure. Patient recovers well perfectly within 7 days of the LASER treatment

Rajdeep Gupta

One of the best surgeons! His diagnosis is never wrong the only thing is that you have to follow his diet plan and medicines. In terms of LASER surgery he is the best. It's painless too! I joined my office within a week with no issues! I recommend everyone who is suffering with any piles related issues get them cured from Dr Rajendra Sonavane. He is the only one who can turn your Piles to Smiles :)

Aniket Sonawane

My case was difficult and rare since i am a patient of multiple sclerosis, who developed piles. Extremely thankful to Dr Rajendra Sonavane for relieving me from the extreme pain and performing LASER surgery for piles in spite of my underlying disease. Truly, they turn your Piles to Smiles! Back to normal daily routine in just 4 days. On the 5th day of my surgery, I was riding my scooter ! :) Thanx

Aboli Bais

I would recommend and rate 5 stars Dr Rajendra Sonavane for his expertise in this field. He has more than 3 decade of experience. I searched for him online and trust me I am very fortunate to be treated by him. Like many others I was hesitant to discuss about my ano rectal problem even though I come from medical field. Just reading about him and his procedure I went to consult him and tell u I was not disappointed. I was suffering from symptoms of fistula since about a year apart from pain , so I was hesitant to undergo surgery for same as it might be painful and can take lot of time to heal , I went to consult Dr Rajendra Sonavane for same, he gave a complete ear to my problem and my reasons to worry about undergoing surgery , He explained me how his laser procedure along with LIFT ( which was a sign of his expertise in his field ) can solve my issue painlessly . I was convinced by him immediately and decided to go ahead. Surgery went smooth and I was in no pain apart from some discomfort for few hours after surgery. I followed his instructions and was able to do my daily routine within few days after surgery . My fistula has healed completely within a month and half. I would recommend him on below point: 1) his experience 2) LASER procedure that he follows 3) he is available to you on phone or Whatsapp to solve your queries pre and post surgery 4) capabilities of his staff especially Snehal I would highly recommend him to everyone.

Dr Rahil Mirza

Awesome experience! My hospitalization time was short & sweet. Got discharged with no hassle. Entire complaint that I approached them for, has been resolved. Now I feel as if I never had any complaint at all. A BIG Thank you to the entire Team at Procto Care Clinic & especially Dr.Rajendra Sonavane for the excellent treatment & support

Sanjukta Kutty

I am a pharmaceutical professional and have visited Proctocare Clinic for my fistula surgery. I do not have words to explain my experience it was just awesome!. I had consulted at least 4 proctologists before meeting Dr Rajendra Sonavane. There was pre surgical anxiety/fear which had been created by other doctors but in 1st meeting itself, Dr. Rajendra Sonavane made me so comfortable and explained in detail the LASER surgery procedure which is with minimal/no pain and trust me he delivered his commitment. Any doctor can prescribe, but only a few good ones can really heal. Dr and his team /staff are wonderful and environment at hospital is like a family. I recommend this Doctor

Priya Parab

I was suffering from fissure problem for the last 8 years. But it became a bit severe after delivery of my baby. I consulted and got operated by Dr Rajendra Sonavane. Trust me, the surgery was painless! Within 5 hours of my surgery, I could sit and breastfed my 4 months baby .Within 4-5 days, I recovered and the pain disappeared. Dr Rajendra Sonavane is an expert doctor in piles surgery. He has got great skills besides, being a very good hearted person. Snehal ma'am made good arrangements, so my baby and my parents both could stay with me in the hospital. It was a wise decision to get surgery done at Proctocare Clinic

Kamini Asawale

I am a practicing doctor from Raver, Jalgaon was suffering from severe fissure pain since last 1 year and tried all kinds of home remedies which didn't work at all. Then I came to know about Dr. Rajendra Sonavane's expert hand in ano-rectal problems. He advised me LASER surgery which required only one day hospital stay. The hospital staff and care provided was excellent. He explained us very well about the basics of fissure problem. Now I am fine and back to my work in my hospital. Thanks Sir!

Dr Yogesh Patil

The LASER treatment was successful without any difficulty and pain. I managed to sit and walk after just a few hours of the surgery. I am thankful to Dr Rajendra Sonavane for his advice, support, treatment and his kindness

Abhishek Surve

I had been suffering from piles for quite some time. I am based in London and was afraid of undergoing the painful surgery. That’s when I read about Dr Rajendra Sonavane and his advanced LASER /Stapler treatments for curing piles. I decided to see him on my vacation to Mumbai. In first appointment itself I knew I was at the right place. Dr Sonavane explained in detail my health condition and the options available. He put my mind to rest and I decided to opt for the surgery. It all went well and I was back to normal in couple of days. I would highly recommend Dr Sonavane. He is a great Doctor and an expert in his field.

V Nair

I was suffering from piles since 2012 I took treatment from my family doctor but the problem refused to subside. Since my mom`s endoscopy had been done by Dr Rajendra Sonavane she suggested his name to me. I got my surgery done by him. My piles operation was done during one of his workshops which helped me cut down my budget to less 50%. After this LASER surgery, now I am not getting or suffering from any pain. Even during operation I did not feel any type of pain. Hospital`s staff and service is also very good .I would always recommend his name to friends and family who may need similar treatment for piles or fissures.


Highly recommended! And cherry on the cake is; it hardly pains after operation.

Pankaj Mishra

I was suffering from Fissure in Ano with Hemorrhoids for which I underwent Laser Surgery under Dr Rajendra Sonavane at Sushrut Nursing Home. Just one day admission, 20 mins of surgical procedure, with almost negligible post operative pain and complications and a MIRACULOUS RELIEF from the most painful ailments! These are the reasons to recommend this place. I am thankful to Dr. Rajendra Sonavane sir and his excellent, polite, and competent staff at the hospital. It's time that people suffering from these extremely distressing ailments stop fearing the treatment and accept this novel innovation that Dr. Sonavane sir has to offer us! Thank You team Proctocare Clinic. Indeed! Here COMPASSION MEETS PRECISION”

Vivek Karamblekar

Got operated here few days back.. It's the best clinic in kalyan. For the way the doctor counselled me in the 1st visit and detailed explaining of the laser procedure..it was only a 15mins procedure with minimal bleeding and hardly any wound. Also got discharged within 24hrs. Took the best decision to get treated here.

Dr Shruti Pathari

Dr. Rajendra Sonavane is the best doctor in Mumbai for all of your ano-rectal related problems. I underwent a fistula surgery with LASER which is medically called FILAC. He is highly experienced & a senior doctor who will never advise you anything wrong. He is always ready to clear all your doubts & answer your questions to the point. My overall experience with the doctor was more than excellent. Thank you doctor for getting me out of pain & getting me back to normal!

Akshay Saini

I had been suffering with piles for last 25 years. I tried everything under the sun, from home remedies to Ayurveda visited innumerable doctors, but no respite. Finally, an acquaintance suggested Dr. Rajendra Sonavane’s name. He is very well known in Kalyan. He examined me and suggested immediate surgery. The next day, I underwent the advanced laser surgery for piles. Opting for laser, was the best decision, since I could get back to my normal routine in a week’s time. Now, I am completely cured. My nightmare with piles is over. I owe my life to him….


Being young and carefree, all of 23 years, I never imagined that I could get piles. It happened all of a sudden. One early morning, I had severe pain and had to rush to the doctor. I was shocked to hear that I had prolapsed piles, needing immediate surgery. My first visit to Dr. Rajendra Sonavane rested all my fears, felt 50% better. He was most empathetic and genuinely concerned about my health. He answered my queries very patiently. I could trust him completely. I immediately decided to get the surgery done with him, opting for the LASER technology, since it was less painful and quick recovery. Within 24 hours of surgery, I was discharged, and was back to my routine in a week’s time. Dr. Sonavane’s professionalism and the caring, courteous staff impressed me a lot. I strongly recommend him. I shall spread word about his good work.

Mr. Pratik Thakur

Dr Sonavane did not rush me into surgery in the first meeting. When medicines failed to relieve me, he advised surgery. LASER surgery was painless, just an overnight stay and fast recovery. What I like the best about the doctor is that he is a good listener, very patient and excellent counselor. He explains so well that it is very comforting and reassuring. He even spoke with my daughter who is in UK

Mrs.Hema Rajpal

I am glad that Dr. Sonavane advised LASER surgery for my reoccurred piles. It was absolutely painless, no scarring and discharge in 24 hours. It is an amazing surgery; you hardly feel that you have been operated. I am completely healed. Dr. Rajendra Sonavane is highly professional and his clinical judgment excellent.

- Mrs.Meena Naik

I visited so many doctors, who made me do multiple tests, yet failed to arrive at any conclusion. A visit to Dr. Sonavane’s with only a simple X-Ray and brief examination, and my acute obstruction due to signet ring carcinoma got detected. Further CT Scan confirmed the illness, followed by a laser surgery. I am completely relieved of the excruciating stomach pain. My diet has improved and am returning to work soon. Dr. Sonavane has amazing precision in diagnosis. The staff at Proctocare Clinic is very friendly, caring and genuinely concerned of the patients

Mr.Kushbahu Jadhav

Dr Rajendra Sonavane is one of the most renowned and experienced doctor. You can be sure you are in safe hands if taking treatment from him

Digant Upadhyaya

Proctocare is a really warm and friendly clinic with the most effective treatments. Helped me get rid of my constipation problem of 15 years!

Neha Dutta

I travelled all the way from Malaysia to get treated for piles. So true, Dr Rajendra Sonavane turned my Piles to Smiles. My sincere thanks to Proctocare Clinic to help me get back a regular and pain free life.

Greeshma Gangadharan

With his vast & deep knowledge about this field and command over the advance LASER surgery & treatment..... I can confidently say Dr.Rajendra Sonavane is a perfect definition of word "Expert" and "Professional"

Vijay Daware