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What is Fissure?

The anal canal is a short tube surrounded by muscle at the end of your large intestine. An anal fissure (also called fissure-in-ano) is a small vertical injury to the skin or the lining of the anal canal. It is usually acute or sudden to begin with but if neglected can become chronic or long lasting.

What are the Signs & Symptoms of an Anal Fissure?

An anal fissure may cause one or more of the following symptoms:

  • A visible tear in the skin around anus.
  • A small lump of skin or skin tag, next to the tear
  • Sharp pain in the anal area during bowel movements
  • Streaks of blood on stools (typically on the side of the hard stool) or on toilet paper after wiping
  • Burning , discharge, swelling and itching occurs especially with chronic fissures
  • Sometimes the pain is so severe that the patient is afraid to visit the toilet.

How Does The Doctor Diagnose (Find Out) An Anal Fissure?

Doctors at usually do a physical examination to diagnose an anal Fissure. However, some patients may need a rectal examination to confirm the diagnosis. In some cases of rectal pain, you may need an endoscopy for better evaluation of your symptoms, which is available at .

How Is Anal Fissure Treated?

Anal fissure in an acute phase can be treated with medicines. If it doesn’t heal then the patient is offered a procedure called LASER SPHINECTEROTOMY which is a day care procedure with excellent results and fast recovery.