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What is LIFT with FILAC?

LIFT with FILAC is an advanced treatment of Fistula in Ano. It is a combination of two procedures, LIFT (Ligation of intersphincteric fistula tract) and FILAC (Fistula LASER Closure).

What is Fistula in Ano & what are the different methods to treat it?

Fistula in ano is a common anorectal condition in which a side-track develops from the anal canal. This track opens on the peri-anal skin discharging pus. Surgery is the only long-term solution to treat fistula in ano. Traditionally, doctors treated fistulas with open surgeries like Fistulectomy, Fistulotomy, Ksharsutra, etc. These procedures were invasive; leaving patients with a large wound, painful dressing, a long time to heal and the fear of recurrence.

With the advent of LASERS in proctology, Proctocare Clinic offers a new advanced LIFT with FILAC surgery. This surgery has simplified the fistula treatment. It involves fewer cuts, simple dressing, minor pain with faster recovery and a reduced chance of recurrence.

How is the surgery done?

In this two-step procedure, the internal opening of the fistula tract is first closed by a tiny peri-anal cut called the LIFT procedure. Then, the rest of the tract is ablated (closed) with LASER energy from the external opening.

What is the preparation before surgery?

The patient needs to have an empty bowel for the surgery. The doctor advises the patient to take a light meal followed by a laxative night before the surgery. On the day of surgery, the patient must fast. If the patient does not have a complete evacuation of the bowels, the doctor gives an enema.

How safe is the procedure?

When performed by a skilled doctor, LIFT with FILAC is very safe.

What kind of anaesthesia does the surgeon use for the surgery?

The doctor operates the patient under local, regional, or short general anaesthesia.

How long does the patient stay in the hospital?

These patients stay overnight and are discharged the next day, 24 hours after the surgery. In some cases, the patient may need to a longer hospital stay.

What is the post-operative care to be taken?

At Proctocare Clinic, we provide a complete guide to post-operative care that includes diet restrictions like a soft diet with lots of greens. Patients continue to take a laxative to ease motions. Along with it, the doctor prescribes some painkillers and local creams to apply to the operated area. There are a few follow-up visits to the Clinic till the fistula is completely healed.

How is LIFT with FILAC better than the conventional treatments?

LIFT with FILAC is an advanced, minimally invasive surgery done with LASERs. It is a painless, precise, and safe day-care procedure, doing away with the discomfort of large wounds, prolonged dressing, and visits to the Clinic. Having operated upon thousands of patients successfully, we recommend that our patients opt for this surgery.