Piles are the swollen blood vessels in the anal canal. They cause bleeding, swelling, pain, itching or anemia due to blood loss. According to the severity, piles are graded into Grade 1 to Grade 4. According to the grade, the correct form of treatment is chosen for you e.g. Grade 1 piles can be treated with just medicines without surgery. Grade 2 to 3 piles can be treated with Infra-Red Coagulation or LASER depending upon the severity. Grade 4 and circumferential piles are treated with Stapler.


Fissure is a vertical tear in the anal canal. It’s a very painful condition and depending on its severity it can be treated with Medicines or LASER SPHINCTEROTOMY.


The complaint of Constipation is evaluated by careful enquiry of complaints and physical findings,necessary investigations like Colonoscopy and MR Defaecography may be required in some cases,a decision is made to treat it by medicines or Stapler surgery STARR procedure which is very effective and ensures speedy recovery.


Anorectal Cancer presents with bleeding or difficulty in defecation and early cases can be successfully treated with surgery using staplers.


This a not so common but equally troublesome condition where there is a discharging wound or swelling in between the buttocks and back. It can be treated with Surgery or LPP(Laser Pilonido Plasty).


This is a common condition where the rectum protrudes out of the anus.According to the severity either surgery or STARR (stapler surgery) is done. Prolapse rectum is a very disturbing condition but it can be treated successfully by STARR procedure or Laparoscopic surgery.