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“I had been suffering with piles for last 25 years. I tried everything under the sun, from home remedies to Ayurveda visited innumerable doctors, but no respite. Finally, an acquaintance suggested Dr. Rajendra Sonavane’s name. He is very well known in Kalyan. He examined me and suggested immediate surgery. The next day, I underwent the advanced laser surgery for piles. Opting for laser, was the best decision, since I could get back to my normal routine in a week’s time. Now, I am completely cured. My nightmare with piles is over. I owe my life to him….”

Mrs.Gulab Aderao

“Being young and carefree, all of 23 years, I never imagined that I could get piles. It happened all of a sudden. One early morning, I had severe pain and had to rush to the doctor. I was shocked to hear that I had prolapsed piles, needing immediate surgery. My first visit to Dr. Rajendra Sonavane rested all my fears, felt 50% better. He was most empathetic and genuinely concerned about my health. He answered my queries very patiently. I could trust him completely. I immediately decided to get the surgery done with him, opting for the laser technology, since it was less painful and quick recovery. Within 24 hours of surgery, I was discharged, and was back to my routine in a week’s time. Dr. Sonavane’s professionalism and the caring, courteous staff impressed me a lot. I strongly recommend him. I shall spread word about his good work.”

Mr. Pratik Thakur

“Dr Sonavane did not rush me into surgery in the first meeting. When medicines failed to relieve me, he advised surgery. Laser surgery was painless, just an overnight stay and fast recovery. What I like the best about the doctor is that he is a good listener, very patient and excellent counselor. He explains so well that it is very comforting and reassuring. He even spoke with my daughter who is in UK”

Mrs. Hema Rajpal

“I am glad that Dr. Sonavane advised laser surgery for my reoccurred piles. It was absolutely painless, no scarring and discharge in 24 hours. It is an amazing surgery; you hardly feel that you have been operated. I am completely healed. Dr. Rajendra Sonavane is highly professional and his clinical judgment excellent. Their hospital has a patient-friendly approach.”

Mrs. Meena Naik

“I visited so many doctors, who made me do multiple tests, yet failed to arrive at any conclusion. A visit to Dr. Sonavane’s with only a simple X-Ray and brief examination, and my acute obstruction due to signet ring carcinoma got detected. Further CT Scan confirmed the illness, followed by a laser surgery. I am completely relieved of the excruciating stomach pain. My diet has improved and am returning to work soon. Dr. Sonavane has amazing precision in diagnosis. The staff at Shusrut is very friendly, caring and genuinely concerned of the patients.”

Mr. Kushbahu Jadhav