What are the advantages of LASER surgery over Traditional surgery?

LASER has revolutionized the way surgeries are done these days. Traditional conventional surgery involves cuts and stitches, with pain and scarring. While LASER surgery is precise and less painful with little scarring. Therefore, it results in early recovery from the illness, and with much less pain or bleeding. Hence these days are opting for the latest LASER treatment over conventional treatment.

How many days will I have to stay in the hospital?

This is a day care procedure, generally patient gets discharged on the same day of surgery or within 24 hours.

Will I feel any pain during and after surgery?

Because of an appropriate anesthesia there is minimal or no pain during surgery. After the surgery there may be slight discomfort or pain which can be taken care of with painkillers. However, this pain or discomfort is much more tolerable than the one after conventional surgery and most patients are very comfortable after a LASER procedure.

How many days do I have to take bed rest?

Most patients after a LASER procedure for piles do not require bed rest and are up and around in a day or two.

What are the instructions given to me on discharge?

The routine instructions are to avoid straining and constipation, for which you will be prescribed a stool softener. You will be prescribed pain relievers, medicine for acidity, etc. There will be some other medications to relieve pain and acidity there will also be a cream prescribed to be applied locally to soften the anal area and relive discomfort. It is advisable to follow some dietary and lifestyle restrictions for a very short time.